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You wouldn’t guess that almost 40% of the energy used in Tampa homes and businesses for heating and cooling is wasted by air infiltration. And that’s not just from the small holes, gaps and fissures in your home’s envelope – it’s because traditional wall and attic insulation, well, sucks. But there’s a superb solution.

Cool drafts and hot gusts of air from uninsulated or poorly insulated areas not only make your living area unpleasant, they can drive up heating and cooling costs. Plus, no matter how much you run the heater or air conditioner, there will always be areas that aren’t quite comfortable, and the temperature will vary throughout your home.


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Create a More Comfortable Home with Spray Foam

Moving from room to room can feel a little bit like having the flu – you’re hot one minute and chilled the next. Your heating and cooling units are more likely to need maintenance and repairs more frequently, since you are running them continuously as you attempt to comfortably heat or cool your home. You may even be using a larger unit than your home really needs, as you are basically trying to heat and cool the great outdoors, not just the interior of your house. Or you may be running extra fans or space heaters to try to create a more moderate temperature in the drafty areas, which also increases costs, takes up space in your living area, and makes your house look cluttered.

But you don’t have to keep tolerating those drafts and sacrificing indoor air quality and comfort. You can invest in your home in a way that will increase its livability and its value and put those pesky drafts behind you! Insulation makes a significant difference in your home’s environment, and spray foam insulation makes a huge difference.​

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How It Works.

Curious about how it all works? It’s simple! Contact us to discuss your needs and schedule a consultation. Our experienced team will assess your project, provide tailored solutions, and handle the entire process with professionalism. Let’s get started today!
Assessment and measurement of the space to be insulated.
Mixing the components of the spray foam insulation
Curing / Finishing
Allowing the foam to cure properly, which may take a few hours.

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Spray Foam Insulation Tampa serves homes and businesses throughout the entire Hillsborough and Pinellas County area, including all of these great communities:

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What’s so amazing about spray foam insulation?

Sprayfoam insulation simply outlasts the competition. Once you have had professionals install spray foam, the material requires little or no maintenance and should last the life of the building where it is placed. It won’t disintegrate, and when installed correctly, it won’t settle or separate. And since it’s not a material that draws pests, it won’t be eaten or pulled away by pesky bugs or rodents looking for nesting materials. And in the event of a flood, spray foam can usually be cleaned and remain usable. This durability also means that if you sell your home, you have added value that can be passed on to the next owner – a great selling point for your property.
​Sprayfoam not only outlasts the competition, it outperforms the competition. The tight seal that spray foam provides creates a better barrier to leaks and air intrusion than other types of insulation do, resulting in improved energy savings. The difference is so great that new construction may even be able to have a smaller HVAC unit installed to service the house than what would be needed without spray foam. And foam insulation not only blocks air more effectively, it also blocks temperature changes that occur due to radiant transfer or conduction. Without foam insulation, when the sun beats down on your roof, the heated roofing materials warm the air inside the interior of your home. With foam, that transfer of heat is blocked.

Sometimes it’s really not the heat; it’s the humidity, especially here along the coast of Florida. Unwanted air flow isn’t the only threat to your home – moisture can also enter gaps and crevices and cause problems such as mold, mildew, and deterioration of building materials. Since foam insulation provides a tight seal, it acts as a moisture barrier, and that helps prevent the damage and indoor allergens that moisture can cause in a poorly insulated home. This is especially true for closed-cell foam, which resists moisture even more than open-cell. This can benefit your health as well as your property. And again, if you do experience flooding, spray foam can often survive that moisture without deteriorating. All this makes spray foam insulation yet another way to invest in your home that increases both its life expectancy and its living value, providing a great return on your investment.

​As if decreasing unwanted drafts and preventing moisture wasn’t enough, spray foam insulation also acts as a sound barrier.
​Not only will your home’s temperature be more comfortable, and your structure protected from unwanted moisture, you will also have a quieter, more relaxing living area. ​Just imagine how great it would be to sit in your living room or go to sleep at night without being awakened by the late-night neighbors or the sound of traffic. The peacefulness alone makes spray foam worth it. No other form of insulation works this hard for you!

​Hard to believe that one product, which was designed to insulate from outside air, could serve so many purposes, but it does. While you are relaxing in your comfortable, quiet home, spray foam gives you one more reason to rest easy with a little more security than before: spray foam insulation can also increase the strength of your building.

Structural strength is increases when spray foam is applied, especially in attics. It may even make the roof less likely to lift in the case of a storm. This is one more way that foam insulation increases your peace of mind and improves your home value.

​Spray foam is also more versatile than other types of insulation, since it can be applied in such a wide variety of spaces. It can be applied to new construction or most existing structures. It can be applied to the underside of roof decking or under flooring in a basement; it can be applied directly to masonry, and it can be sprayed around unusual shapes, such as around an arch or inside other curved areas.

​It can also be sprayed around obstructions or gaps caused by pipes and other objects. This flexibility in application protects your home in hard to reach areas and areas that might be impossible for other types of insulation. It also provides tighter seals, since it can fill in small gaps that other forms of insulation leave exposed.

Frequently Asked Questions about SFI

​The cost of spray foam insulation can be higher than other types of insulation. However, when you consider all the ways that spray foam can benefit you in financially in the long run, the benefits significantly decrease the true expense. Decreased utility costs, decreased HVAC equipment size and maintenance costs, longer lasting structures, decreased mold/mildew risks, maintenance free insulation for the life of your home, and the potential increase in resale value all add money to your bottom line. This is in addition to the increased comfort that you will experience in your home, and the worry-free knowledge that the insulation will not have to be redone every few years.
​DIY installation is not recommended. To achieve the benefits of spray foam, it must be mixed and applied correctly by a trained, knowledgeable professional. Incorrectly mixed or applied spray foam can pull away from the structure or leave gaps where it should seal or could even damage the structure with overfilling. Paying to have it done right once is much better than having to pay to have it redone. It also saves time and prevents potential damage to your home. Plus, mixing and application do require professional tools and protective equipment, which can be expensive to rent or buy if they are even available. Call Spray Foam Insulation Tampa, professional insulation contractor with the necessary equipment, a reputable history, and years of experience, and get it done the right way!
​The amount of time that installation takes depends on the needs of your home or business. Existing structures can present some additional challenges and may take longer than new construction. The size of the building and amount of insulation needed are other factors. Once you install the insulation, the foam requires twenty-four hours to cure before re-entering the house. The chemicals used to create spray foam are present in various consumer products and become safe once the product has cured. It is crucial to allow sufficient time for this process before returning to your home. But the time invested now will save time in the long run, since this type of insulation will not settle or deteriorate over the years. You only need to do it once, and it will last for the life of your building.
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